Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Voice of an Old Friend...

I found this recently on YouTube. The life of Keith Green has been an inspiration to those growing up in my generation. He was a man who lived his life under the principle of "no compromise" to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a mission-minded evangelical who left us all too soon. Yet, presently, he is where all Christians strive to be--rejoicing before our Lord in heaven. May the Lord raise up more "Keith Greens" to preach the uncompromised Gospel to those who will receive Him in this dying world.


Tiber Jumper said...

i remember the day I heard he died. Very sad. I was a sophomore in medschool at the time.
He was a good song writer and even if his theology was a little flaky, he didn't mince words. May he rest in peace. I figure he's probably out of purgatory by now :)

Churchmouse said...

Hello T.J.,

Yes, it was a sad day when he died, but yet a glorious one considering he beheld the beatific vision, when he saw the face of Christ. Purgatory? He can't go to a place/realm/state that doesn't exist. Sorry.


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