Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fragments of Deceit: The Gospel of Judas

Thursday, ABC provided just another of their perennial anti-Christian fare by presenting a special on the Gospel of Judas, a document purportedly written by Judas, where it is claimed that Christ asked Judas to betray Him. That it was all a part of "the plan." ABC presented this as if it were breaking news, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is disappointing to see ABC continue in this digression, attempting to bring skepticism to the very heart of Christianity while ignoring everyone else. Lord knows what would happen if they attempted to do the same with other central religious figures (Buddha, Mohammed, etc). Yet, James White wrote an excellent article exposing the biased nature of their reporting and shedding light on the document itself, which is a Gnostic work, older then the manuscript found, and one known to the early Christians, in particular, Irenaeus, an early church father, having written of it in the mid to late 2nd century and calling it a work of fiction. Anyway, you can read it here. Enjoy!


James Swan said...

I read it this morning before church. I think it is... (3 lines missing)... And it led me to take my cat... (6 lines missing)...And after that, I told the police I couldn't remember exactly where I left the fruitbasket. So, in all i'm glad I read the book to least know what it was all about.

Churchmouse said...


Hope the cat survived the fruitbasket. I'm sure ABC can probably make some sense of it :-)


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